Deep learning at your fingertips

INFERYS™ is a versatile deep learning framework that provides highly accurate peptide property predictions. INFERYS‘ fragment ion intensity prediction is integrated into Thermo Scientific™ Proteome Discoverer™ software and enables INFERYS Rescoring and spectral library prediction at your fingertips. The all new INFERYS 2.0 adds support for resonance-type (CID) fragmentation and Tandem Mass Tag™ derivatized peptides and improves predictions for non-tryptic peptides.

Top panels: density plots demonstrating the accuracy of fragment ion intensity predictions achieved by INFERYS 1.0 and 2.0 for resonance-type (CID) and beam-type (HCD) collision induced dissociation data, as well as label-free and Tandem Mass Tag data. Distributions indicate normalized spectral contrast angle of the holdout dataset. Bottom panels: INFERYS Rescoring performance on a typical desktop CPU.

INFERYS adapts to your experimental data

INFERYS is aware of collision energies used for fragmentation and calibrates itself to provide predictions that best match your measured spectra.

To compensate for varying liquid chromatography setups, INFERYS utilizes a refinement learning strategy, improving on traditional statistical approaches.

The novel, intelligent search algorithm CHIMERYS is fueled by accurate predictions provided by INFERYS and enables a deeper, more comprehensive data analysis.

Top: collision energy (CE) calibration curves (normalized spectral contrast angle of prediction vs. experiment) for beam-type (HCD) fragmentation demonstrate the awareness and adaption of INFERYS. Each color corresponds to a different experimental CE, increasing from blue to red. Bottom: refinement learning enables alignment of retention times to any raw file with higher precision than classical statistical approaches.

INFERYS and CHIMERYS are integrated into Thermo Scientific™ Proteome Discoverer™ 3.0 software. For more information and licensing, please visit If you would like to learn what a customized deep learning model can do for your research, feel free to contact us!

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